For Her.

Bonamour is about women, for women.  We provide premium health products that make women look and feel their best.  U.S.A. FDA products delivered direct from our U.S. Pharmacy to your doorstep in China.

Our Differentiator

Bonamour provides only pharmacy grade Rx health products that are superior in design, ingredients, and desired effect compared to over-the-counter (OTC) vitamins and supplements. Our products are shipped within 48 hours of completion, delivered by air, directly to our customers in China. Most delivery times are less than 10 days from date or order.


From skin lightening and removal of blemishes to tightening and toning of those loose and flabby areas, Bonamour Skin products are medically designed with pharmaceutical grade ingredients to get the results that Over-the-Counter (OTC) products can not.


Our physical body appearance and shape starts with optimal health and function of the female thyroid.  Our Optimal Thyroid Health product for women is a breakthrough product in the U.S., resulting in over $6 Million in sales in the first 7 months of release.  Diet and exercise are important, but without optimal thyroid function you will not achieve your desired results.


The product that put us on the map and has women talking in both the Western and Eastern sides of the world, our female sexual health nasal spray, with patented Bremelanotide & Oxytocin technology, is a game changer in women’s health, happiness, and wellness.  Our female anxiety management solution is also a must for those women who could use assistance in managing the daily stresses and challenges of life.


For many women, their greatest achievement in life is the procreation and upbringing of their children, with their children’s health being most child bearing women’s primary concern.  Bonamour’s Prenatal Solution ensures any nutritional gaps in a mother’s diet is subsidized to provide their children optimal nutrition and vitamins during pregnancy.  This product is also a top-seller in the U.S. because of the pharmacy grade efficacy of the ingredients and formulation.

Trusted, easy and affordable.

We provided the highest quality products at affordable pricing by eliminating retail stores and middleman distributors. Direct from pharmacy to your doorstep. Easy to purchase, science backed, and affordable.

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